Sree Travels

Questions & Answers

When was the company registered and from when has it been operational?

Sree Travels was registered under the same trademark name in the year 2006 and the company has been operational since then.

The registration number is BPUPS 1687BST 001.

Sree Travels offer technology enhanced services to its clients

Sree Travels takes great pride in aligning its policies to stay abreast with the latest technological advancements in travel to offer secure, timely and quality infused services to its esteemed clients.

Sree Travels use GPS for security Reasons

Security is of paramount importance to Sree Travels as it establishes the credibility of the company. To ensure constant tracking and safety of its commuters in general and women in particular, the company’s security system is comprised of GPRS and SMS systems.

What measures does the company take to ensure women compliance related security?

Sree Travels is particularly concerned and sensitive towards women’s security and the measures begin with the hiring process in addition to the following:

  • The driver’s past antecedents are verified
  • Adequate training is provided to handle emergencies
  • Security escort is compulsorily provided for night hours
  • GPS(optional) with constant tracking
  • Helpline board message in all cabs
  • Escalation message board

To how many companies is Sree Travels providing Employee Transportation services?

Currently Sree Travels is providing Employee Transportation services to 14 companies and many more are in the offing.

According to Sree Travels what will be the max. and min. distance coverage stipulations per day.?

Sree Travels has set 300 Kms and 100 Kms as the stipulated maximum and minimum distance coverage required per day.

We provide training to the drivers

The drivers go through a rigorous training program before being employed. They’re trained by our expert and experienced staff in the following:

  • Enhancing driving skills
  • Follow traffic rules
  • Compulsorily wear seat belts & earphones
  • Use of fire extinguisher in the cab
  • Keeping the vehicle clean
  • Not to drive above 60km
  • Wear neatly maintained white uniforms
  • Manners, politeness, respecting employees

The drivers are monitored throughout. If rules are broken fine is levied with warning. In case of alcoholism the driver with cab is terminated IMMEDIATELY.

The driver’s meet each month at Sree office. They’re performance is reviewed, information about change in traffic rules imparted, mock emergency drills conducted, grievances are heard and redressed.

What all options we can bring to table how we reduce transportation costs & increasing efficiency?

Generate reports and track ‘No Show’ employees who frequently do not use the cab and report the same to the client logistics team to reduce the cab occupancy size.

To increase efficiency Site Supervisors are provided by Sree Travels. A senior employee of Sree will also be instated as the Site-in-charge to ensure proper co-ordination, discipline and error free operations.

The route list will be periodically audited and organized area wise for optimum efficiency.

We have briefing sessions/checks on all drivers for cleanliness of cabs etc?

The drivers are required to mandatorily attend the monthly meetings at Sree office for regular briefings. The vehicles are also subjected to weekly inspections and is checked for the following based on the checklist maintained and updated:

  • Running condition
  • Cleanliness
  • Seat belt functionality
  • Fire extinguisher working conditions
  • Earphones workings
  • GPS working conditions
  • Uniform checks for whiteness and cleanliness

Tracking Process

The driver’s mobiles are checked regularly to ensure they are always in working condition and the bills are paid in time.

In the event the driver is not reachable, he is tracked immediately through GPS

We have a 24 x 7 Helpline number and staff which works round the clock to ensure quick and easy accessibility. On standby are also backup vehicles in case of emergencies.

Our respond time is Immediate

What is the time taken for all escalations and ‘Time to respond’ action taken?

Minor issues are resolved amicable on the spot. Major issues are resolved based on Client approval and urgency.

How We handle induction process for Vehicle/ Driver/ Supervisors?

Vehicles are subjected to ‘Fitness Tests’, Emission Tests and Stress Efficiency. New vehicles are always preferred. Vehicles not older than four years from the current date are inducted.

Drivers go through an in-house designed Induction process comprising of HSW training. They’re evaluated for a period of 15 days of post training before they can sign an agreement with the company. Background verification is done with fingerprint mapping and fitness tests.

Only experienced Supervisors with relevant experience from a well established company are hired subject to background verification. They are trained on Sree Travels policies, processes and procedures.

A checklist for all the above with proper documentation is conducted.

What will be the time for all planned and unplanned cab requests?

The time required would be Immediate for planned requests and one hour in advance for adhoc requests.

Sree Travels is currently servicing 14 companies in the Bangalore. At any given point in time, there are atleast 900 Sree vehicles plying in and out of the campus.

How we measure the service level to client and how we are addressing the action taken

It has always been the constant endeavor of Sree Travels to offer the best services to its Clients. No effort is withheld in achieving the same. Periodic in-house reviews and audits of Sree services measure the quality deliverables.

Mandatory actions required of Sree Travels are taken immediately. All the stakeholders are involved through a process of dialogue where found necessary.

Fleet size and segment of vehicles with vintage – owned and out sourced.

Sree Travels has an impressive fleet size of 140 owned vehicles and 900 out sourced vehicles.

If we are awarded the contract how will the deployment plan be handled to ensure smooth operations?

Sree Travels will consider it an honor to be rendering services to an esteemed client and will undertake all measures to ensure smooth and glitch free operations. Our plan of action will be as follows:

  • Do a complete recce of the client location in terms of distance and routes
  • Get the employee list
  • Procure and organize the route list area wise
  • Determine the induction of adequate number of vehicles and segments (cabs, bus, etc) with backups
  • Determine the shortest route with minimum traffic stops
  • Determine travel time on all routes and schedule departures and arrivals accordingly
  • Instate onsite Site Supervisors and Site-in-charge officials from Sree Travels for proper co-ordination and communication
  • Induct ample amount of drivers and vehicles
  • Create a 24x7 client dedicated customer support team

Compliance report procedure for all our drivers and staff members?

We do have a compliance report procedure in place for all our drivers and staff members.

How we assure consistent On Time Arrival above 95% for all shift timings irrespective of constraints?

  • Sree Travels is an established service provider with an excellent track record in OTA
  • Track every vehicle to ensure there are no unnecessary delays
  • Familiarity with all routes and time involved
  • Impressive fleet of vehicles with adequate backups
  • Experienced and cautious drivers
  • Constant tracking and interaction with all the concerned teams
  • Effective communication systems
  • In case employee does not pick the call or difficulty in finding address, the company transport team is informed immediately and the cab moved
  • If the cab is late due to unavoidable circumstances, it will be dispatched early to the spot the following day

How we handle escalation matrix, In what manner is it effective?

Yes, We do have in place an escalation matrix comprising of the Supervisor, Site-in-Charge and Manager.

The escalation team is comprised of highly experienced professionals with the capability of resolving issues effectively and speedily.

Any issue addressed by the Client will be taken up immediately on a top priority basis and solved through dialogues and discussions.

MIS Report with the client on day-to-day operations

Yes, MIS reports are generated at regular intervals and submitted to the client accordingly. Reports are generated

  • Every day
  • Every week
  • Every month (beginning & end)

Backup Plan:?

In case of strikes or bandhs, cabs will not ply during the time frame from 7am to 6pm for security reasons.

Thanks to our proactive planning additional vehicles will be arranged to make good the lost time and for maximum coverage.

Sree Travels proudly acknowledges the fact that never in the history of the company the services have been stopped even for a single day in the face of constraints, unforeseen circumstances and unscheduled holidays.

Vehicle accident performing: ?

In case of accidents, Sree Travels is inherently empowered to take special care as it has its own fleet of ambulance services.

First aid will be administered immediately and employee hospitalization expenses will be borne by Sree Travels.

Supportive insurance documents and all licenses issued by Indian and Karnataka Tourism Departments will be submitted for speedy employee insurance claims.

Damages to vehicles and property will be borne when the fault has been proven as that of Sree Travels.